There are a wide range of services offered to better facilitate your holistic wellness experience.

Please contact for pricing information when not listed.  
Friends and Family, and Roller Derby Discounts may apply.

Partnership with the First Step Program to offer holistice healing modlities at a very low cost.

Please note that holistic alternative healing modalities are meant to provide relaxaion, and promote a healthy lifestyle, and are not meant to take the place of professional medical care.  
  1. Reiki 30 Min. / 60 Min. Sessions
    For Adults, Couples, and Children.
  2. Reiki Distance Healing
    For Adults, Couples, Children, and Animals. You can even send Reiki healing light, and love to yourself, or loved one prior to a surgical procedure, or during a hospital stay. Pets: Distance Reiki is perfect for when your pet is not able to travel.
  3. Reiki Level 1, and 2 Certification Classes
    Reiki Level 1 class - 3 Hours $115.00 Reiki Level 2 Class - 4 Hours $145.00 Reiki Level 3 Class - 5 Hours $175.00 Reiki Level 4/Teacher Class - 3 Hours $100.00 *Individual and group classes available *Certification and manual provided
  4. Reiki for Animals - Northville Facilities, or home visits (local area only)
    10 Minute Session in person: $15.00 20 Minute Session in person $25.00 The universal life force energy along with vibrational therapy is very helpful in alleviating discomfort from arthritis, and aiding in post op recovery, as well as behavioral issues.
  5. Reiki Couples Healing with Meditation
    90 Minute session, with a prayer blessing, smudging ceremony, and vibrational sound therapy. Cost: $75.00
  6. Reiki Group Healing Events (local area only) Please contact for pricing
    Perfect for a facility or in a home setting. Your group participants can enjoy a mini Reiki session of either 10 minute or 20 minute in duration.
*Angelic Healing 
*Guided Meditations
*Chakra Balancing
*Crystal Therapy
*Vibrational Sound Therapy: Tibetan Singing Bowls, and Tuning Forks
*Shamanic Healing, Divination, Drumming, and Rattling 
*Soul Retrival
*Articular Acupressure
*Acupressure (feet and hand meridian points)
*Custom Herbal Blend of Teas, Salves, and Tinctures
*Classes: Reiki, Intro to Shamanism, Healing, Teas Tinctures and Salves, Working with Crystals, Smudging, 
  Essential Oils, Candle Magic, and  Manifesting & Releasing with the Moon Cycles 
*Special Events, Moon Circles, Shamanic Drumming & Journey Circles
*Corporate Events: Mini Reiki Sessions, and Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl Meditations
*Wellness Events/Ladies Night Gatherings: Mini Reiki Sessions
*Cacao Ceremony

Alternative Healing Modalities
Join us for a Reiki infused guided sound healing meditation with shamanic healing elements by Lisa Harthun. Through extensive study and research, Lisa has created a program called Healing Flow. The program was designed to intuitively take you on a mind, and body journey of healing, and balance. Through this process we are able break through, and release stuck energy preventing us from being in the perfect mind body flow thus allowing for deeper healing, enhanced creativity, and alowing for a greater sense of peace while attracting harmony, and abundance into our lives. Afterwards, please join us for a healing detox custom tea blend infused with crystal and reiki healing. 

A perfect way to relieve some stress, and reset your life, and you do not need to be an experienced meditator, I will guide you through this journey. 

Healing Flow includes, Specially tuned quartz crystal singing bowls, chimes, shamanic drum and rattle, along with healing music. Lisa intuitively guides the flow to facilitate a greater healing journey, while sending Reiki healing to each participant. 

*These guided meditations can be done for an individual, or a group and are perfect for any setting if you would like to have this scheduled at your faclity please contact me directly at lharthun_healingbalance@yahoo.com or (248) 880-8182

*Yoga mat (some seating is provided)
*Eye cover
*journal and pen (optional)
*Water (only covered containers allowed) 
*A special object to place on the alter to be infused with healing energy, and given back at the end of the session (optional).

Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation